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involving the entire continent

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As a continent-wide association, we can also collectively engage the issues within Asia through our publications.
It will be the first of five annual continent-wide conferences to take place by 2020, with the second planned to be held in Latin America in 2016.
This new plan I am outlining would help to eliminate our border barriers and make free trade possible for Africans continent-wide.
The idea is, you offer some support for reforming countries on the financing side, but you keep the pressure on so that the markets will continue to apply discipline, in this case to any debt over the 60 percent," Zoellick said Or you could use the ESM [European Stability Mechanism, Europe's continent-wide rescue fund] and have the ESM provide the support, and the ESM will fund itself with what are in effect euro bonds.
Summary: African Union member states agreed this week to form a single, continent-wide free trade area by 2017.
The tempered forecast from the Petroleum Services Association of Canada dims what had previously been a bright outlook for industry activity and provides further evidence that the continent-wide glut of natural gas is forcing the industry to rethink many plans.
Officials of MNET Africa, the continent-wide satellite television company, said that Mugabe's office has demanded recordings of the show that a Zimbabwean narrowly
First, there must be substantial, continent-wide investment in capacity-building in the security sectors of African countries.
As a result a continent-wide alert could be issued in circumstances where youngsters may be taken across national borders.
The European Wind Energy Association expects offshore wind to reach 2 gigawatts continent-wide this year and projects an additional 1 gigawatt in 2010--to total some 0.
Continent-wide growth in oil-exporting countries should fall to 2.
Spending bosses at the European Union have earmarked a million euros to be put towards a continent-wide police alert system.
SCARBOROUGH has been crowned the most enterprising town in Europe after a continent-wide search.
Concerned with the state of modern TV, author Darrell Varga discusses programs that have grown into continent-wide sensations, as well as the early roots of television.
The event is part of 'Vision Asia' project which is the AFC's grand plan for a continent-wide programme to raise the standards of Asian football at all levels.