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Synonyms for contiguousness

the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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El Paso County is a valuable sample population to study this phenomenon because of its contiguousness with Mexico, a high proportion of uninsured individuals, and the absence of a Texas state law, such as California's Knox-Keane Act, that allows health insurance to cover medical treatment in Mexico.
The concept of contiguousness refers to degree of tangency and physical coordination between units.
25) While the particular combination of concepts described here was chose for its familiarity (parity, symmetry, contiguousness, balance) rather than for informational efficiency, one can envision Boolean functions that realize "optimal" sets of concepts from the point of view of integrated information.
These include population equity, boundary contiguousness, and racial and ethnic minority representation.
So one of EcoFlight's focuses is to get politicians out there seeing this, seeing the continuousness and contiguousness of the land.