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a distinctive, complex underlying pattern or structure

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But whereas at the beginning of the chapter, Montaigne seemed to be suggesting that we need to bridle this reason of ours, which is "capable of filling out a hundred other worlds and finding their principles and contexture," which "needs neither matter nor basis" and "builds as well on emptiness as on fullness, and with inanity as with matter," (33) now it begins to appear that an equally significant problem is our failing to exploit the suppleness and erratic nature of our reason enough.
The fact that Morales's characters initially lack first and last names underscores the postmodern and global contexture of her text.
Though words be the signs we have of one another's opinions and intentions; yet, because the equivocation of them is so frequent according to the diversity of contexture, and of the company wherewith they go (which the presence of him that speaketh, our sight of his actions, and conjecture of his intentions, must help to discharge us of): it must be extreme hard to find out the opinions and meanings of those men that are gone from us along ago, and have left no other signification thereof but their books; which cannot possibly be understood without history enough to discover those aforementioned circumstances, and also without great prudence to observe them (Hobbes 1969,39).
The contexture of North & South is perhaps less Seamlessly set forth, but there is a discernible progression, one that begins with an almost one-to-one alternation between poems of description of the sort we find in Bishop's mature mode and her earlier fabular poems of imaginative hermeticism; which continues by showcasing clusters of each sort of poem, and which finally concludes with a series of poems in the descriptive manner, signaling to the reader that this mode will now be Bishop's signature approach.
This contexture makes perfect sense for Detweiler, as he writes "The same God who spoke through dreams and visions in the Bible is still communicating through our celluloid dreams--the movies" (29).
It infolds all who dwell in the city, bond or free, in its firm contexture.
Dans la contexture du monde il n'est quasi rien>>.
While the No Name Woman and the Sitting Ghost are Chinese ghosts, a number of American and Chinese American shadows emerge in a disparate contexture.
Unamuno's theatre is not postmodern by design but there is a definite postmodern contexture to it as I have suggested throughout this study.
By yoking together these two large nouns "Shakespeare" and "Ecology," the second of which, as Smith implies, might be said already to have swallowed the proper name "Shakespeare," each of these essays contributes to an unfolding of "Shakespeare" as a contexture or knot of agents or actors: plays, poems, actors, playhouses, animal, plant, and mineral remains, audiences, and readers.
Deriving from the Latin word for personality, the French word contexture referred in its original usage to the "organization of personality.
of the faculty either for selection and substitution or for combination and contexture.
Narrative contexture disseminates its connecting elements in forms of various signs, and the "domain" resides in the space of all narrative contextures and their interactions.
It is that not only data are transferred to matrix dynamically in dependency on their contexture but also the equations for counting are chosen in this process.
Tout ou presque tout, dans le domaine de la recherche, a ete absorbe par le facteur arabe, a tel point que l'on n'a pas assez tenu compte de la portee de cette action historique du peuple berbere dans la configuration politique et sociale, dans la contexture humaine, physique et psychique de la societe andalouse.