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a distinctive, complex underlying pattern or structure

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But whereas at the beginning of the chapter, Montaigne seemed to be suggesting that we need to bridle this reason of ours, which is "capable of filling out a hundred other worlds and finding their principles and contexture," which "needs neither matter nor basis" and "builds as well on emptiness as on fullness, and with inanity as with matter," (33) now it begins to appear that an equally significant problem is our failing to exploit the suppleness and erratic nature of our reason enough.
Because Detweiler's topos is revealed as nothing less than God's filmic contexture of general revelation as it works through directors and upon him and other viewers, he naturally organizes his presentation thematically, according to the types of revelations the films have to offer.
Excalibur, in Idylls, as an accumulative hoard, bespeaks a metonymic logic of assimilation and contexture, a poetics Tennyson was keen to renounce.
Beautifully performed and flawlessly recorded, with a total running time of 58:07, the performances include Calling the Rain (4:51); Blood memory (5:53); Home on the Strange (4:45); Austrian Waterfall (6:44); Amo Platu (6:06); Stick Figures (2:28); Talking Stick (6:04); Orinoco Delta (3:37); Lowly, Little John (3:06); Tectonic Contexture (4:51); Torch Runner (2:58); and the title piece, Ancient Future (6:38).
If I may quickly recall the work of Roman Jakobson, the metonymic pole in the construction of language employs combination and contexture.
Such a narrative included relevant quotes followed by analytical interpretations of the researcher which, taken together, formed the contexture of the interviewee's experience of working with battered women.
But Man, who besides his excellent Form and most accurate Contexture of Body, fitting him for the noblest and the quickest Offices of Life and Motion, is endu'd with a singular Light of Understanding, by the Help of which he is able most exactly to comprehend and to compare Things, to gather the Knowledge of Obscurities from Points already settled, and to judge of the Agreement which Matters bear to each other; and hath also the Liberty of exerting, suspending, or moderating his Actions, without being confin'd to any necessary Course and Method.
and] gratify the imagination with any uncommon train of images or contexture of events.
are they taunted with the mock lineaments, contexture and aspect of sovereigns, when in very deed they are dwarf-vassals?
In effect, the editors apply the above notions to the particular contexture of economic underdevelopment.
Wang (2000) in an experimental research studied the relationship between students' artistic activities and utilization of multimedia in education, deducing that such facilities play an important play in students' cultural contexture and their activities.
Eduardo Perez-Rasilla has suggested that there is a definite postmodern contexture to the form and content of Fernandez's theatre.
The Contexture of Feminism: Marie Cardinal and Multicultural Literacy.
Geoffrey Hill, in his essays in The Enemy's Country: Words, Contexture, and Other Circumstances of Language, quotes Dryden's criticism of Ovid, which was that "as his Verse came easily, he wanted [lacked] the toyl of Application to amend it" (6).