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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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Innovative Hybrid In-Text offering integrates contextually relevant information - including videos, articles and images, taken from the publisher's website -
com, ClickSurge drives up the number of pages viewed during each site visit by contextually linking content throughout a publisher's site or family of sites.
That means personalised and contextually relevant real-time interactions are no longer optional extras for marketers.
Based on these findings, a culturally relevant and contextually based model of coping was developed to inform the development of future coping interventions.
Twelve subjects were taught 12 contextually controlled baseline conditional discriminations.
This is, again, manifestly a recursive process, or as the editors put it, a dialogue between enforcers and enforced, "a series of negotiations" contingently and contextually mediated.
The Encyclopedia of Christianity is a monumental, international, ecumenical, contextually written collection of articles dealing with 2,000 years of Christian history.
The great museums] are constantly finding ways to view their materials in a fresh way contextually," she says.
Mary Erickson's "Effects of Art History Instruction on Fourth and Eighth Grade Students' Abilities to Interpret Artworks Contextually.
It was judged contextually inappropriate simply to replicate the chapel at Lysi in a modern American city, so de Menil has created a mediating external building with an embedded steel structure - a 'reliquary box' - which forms a neutral enclosure for a freestanding chapel constructed from thin translucent slabs of laminated glass.
Leveraging our unique access to the carrier infrastructure, we are able to deliver hyper-local, contextually relevant content.
Seltzer of a system to present contextually relevant advertisements based on words spoken in a video or audio segment being played via the Internet.
The campaign runs on contextually relevant consumer and entertainment sites starting 1 May 2012.
Its entries are historically rich, contextually broad, and conceptually precise, making learning the vocabulary of theology an engaging experience.
He understood that the artist who picks up a Bolex and makes a 16 mm film has created a contextually ambiguous artifact that might deliver as art but may also be, well, a movie, and as such is something at least potentially absorbable by that vast, mainstream communication system built and maintained by the entertainment-industrial complex.