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a definition in which the term is used by embedding it in a larger expression containing its explanation

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In one chapter of his book, Heck shows that deciding the consistency of an arbitrary contextual definition is equivalent to deciding the satisfiability of an arbitrary second-order sentence, thus non-decidable.
In almost all of his writings on ontology, Quine celebrated the discovery of contextual definition as a milestone of the history of philosophy.
The entry for anoint with a contextual definition and functional codes placed inside the entry looked like this:
The example here also illustrates a problem with the contextual definition as a source of syntactic information.
The study shows, then, that as far as syntactic information is concerned, a user-friendly verb entry should contain examples, a contextual definition and functional codes interspersed among examples.
Contextual definitions serve as a source of verb syntax more often than analytical ones.
Because the proposed model relies on specific and contextual definitions of both QOL and adaptation, the definitions that are used in the proposed model are presented.
The explicit formulations consist of a group of contextual definitions of "truth" in terms of "the facts", or of "what is the case".
The fourth essay, Richard Heck's "The Julius Caesar Objection" provides a clear exposition of what is at stake concerning Hume's Principle and how the Caesar Problem--of showing that Caesar is not identical to the number 0--arises for contextual definitions or abstraction principles.
This partnership provides Message Inspector with the entries and contextual definitions of offensive language as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary(tm).