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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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A first implication of the present findings is that they help untangle a dynamic process underlying the changes in contextual self-determined motivation toward fitness training that took place over a three-month period as well as toward physical activity classes over a period of five weeks.
iEOCN is a digital marketing solution to improve marketing effectiveness by delivering contextual offers with end-of-call notification.
Genuine control by contextual stimuli was demonstrated by Perez-Gonzalez and Serna (2003) and Serna and Perez-Gonzalez (2003).
The volume is an important contribution to the field of contextual theology, whose growing importance is set to reshape systematic theological reflection for decades to come.
From identifying the power imbalance in global Christianity to the "cultural cringe" resulting from contextual theology's hesitancy to discuss race politics openly, the contributors lead by example, as in Budden's "The Necessity of a Second People's Theology for Australia.
The prevalence of the contextual risk factors was generally 10-20% but ranged from 5% (childhood sexual abuse) to 28% (childhood physical abuse).
Thus, several chapters emphasize the necessity of accurate contextual understanding of individuals (rather than seeing only contexts--race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and so forth) in order to enhance effective counseling and therapy and prevent obscuring the individual; which may prevent accurate contextual understanding.
intercultural immersion, social justice focus, direct service-work and opportunities for critical reflection and dialogue) as important contextual dimensions that influenced students' ongoing transformational learning experience.
Barch hypothesized that one of the specific roles of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) is the representation and maintenance of contextual information, and that disturbances of the DLPFC lead to deficits in cognitive behavior processing, which in turn contribute to disturbances in a wide array of other cognitive domains.
Hypertextual reading enables us to move out of the text, into relevant contextual material, without seeing this material as part of the supposedly unified whole of the literary text.
Keywords: Islam and science; sociology of science; epistemology of science; scientific community; scientific tradition; science and religion; scientific progress; scientific process; worldview; holistic approach; contextual causes.
Contextual collaboration integrates collaborative functions into familiar software applications, creating a comfort level for users.
Holland's, 1997, personality typology theory; Brown's, 1996, values-based model; Super's, 1990, life-span and life-space approach; Krumboltz's [Mitchell & Krumboltz, 1996] social learning theory; and Young, Valach, & Collin's, 1996, contextual approach) into a more complex and dynamic conceptual framework, echoing the trend of theory convergence.