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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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The objective of this paper is to define a self-configuring context model that accurately captures and represents general purpose real contexts, targeting the development of context aware autonomic systems.
Sensor Platforms is a venture-financed company located in Silicon Valley that develops, for licensing, algorithmic software enabling consumer applications to better understand user contexts and intent.
Key Take-Aways The report on Context-aware computing is aimed To analyze the Context Aware Computing (CAC) market with emphasis on high growth technologies and systems, types, area of operations, and vertical applications To analyze the market dynamics that describes factors currently driving as well as restraining growth of the market, along with their impact in low, medium, and high.
In addition, elimination of this control is more effective if water was available in the contexts than not available during context exposures.
Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick, in his book The Examined Life, expresses much the same view as Asimov, and in much the same context.
This suggests that altered test contexts produce kick-rate declines not because of their novelty but because infants cannot locate the modified context in their original training memory, Rovee-Collier argues.
Page identifies three contexts within which he analyzes Morrison's texts: American culture, African American culture, and deconstruction.
Not all the twelve essays collected in this volume focus on Milton's evolving notions of political liberty or explicitly examine "the terms of liberty" in the seventeenth century; however, those that do in their various ways, illuminate the topic with fresh attention to historical, political, and classical contexts.
Robin Hood Gardens (1970) is perhaps the toughest of contexts for social housing.
Different contexts provide other challenges to the proclamations of the Hutchinson study being definitive.
The pumping of water by the Israelis for use in civilian settlements presents a violation of the Hague Regulations if placed within any of the previously addressed contexts.
As a future work, we will analyze the performance of the whole system including more performance metrics and more scenarios for the user's interaction with the system and consider group personalization considering the contexts and preference of a group of users watching TV.
The context specification and design comprises the design of collectors and the specification of contexts.
II-31 Applications of CAC in Social or Situational Awareness II-31 Contexts Related to Situational Awareness II-31 User Location.
We have respect for competing forms of communication, and for the contexts in which these forms are situated--movies, TV, radio, and so on.
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