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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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And there is nothing in the context to show that Hesiod's Amphidamas is to be identified with that Amphidamas whom Plutarch alone connects with the Lelantine War: the name may have been borne by an earlier Chalcidian, an ancestor, perhaps, of the person to whom Plutarch refers.
He did not, and could not, understand the meaning of words apart from their context.
Just so, I maintain (he continues), does a given undivided portion of experience, taken in one context of associates, play the part of a knower, of a state of mind, of
consciousness'; while in a different context the same undivided bit of experience plays the part of a thing known, of an objective 'content.
You can't quote that without its context, you know.
These mysterious sentences, snatched from an unknown context,--like strange horns of beasts, and leaves of unknown plants, brought from some far-off region,--gave boundless scope to her imagination, and were all the more fascinating because they were in a peculiar tongue of their own, which she could learn to interpret.
But I was sorely put out by the absence of all else - of the body to my imagined instrument - of the text for my context.
The dialogue explains how contexts shape experiences; how different roles in an organization, as well as that of the customer, have different contexts and create challenges; how each part of a system has a unique contribution; and how to put whole systems in context and become aware of contexts.
Contexts have been defined as background cues that remain present with little changes throughout the experimental session, by contrast with target stimuli that usually are of limited duration and might appear and disappear frequently throughout the learning session (e.
This solution does not consider the devices and network contexts and does not describe the integration with the whole IPTV architecture, however focusing on the STB side in the user domain.
The second objective concerns distributed monitoring which is necessary when an application needs to monitor two or more users contexts to make adaptation decisions.
Our hypothesis was that a reduction in the strength of this bond may be responsible for the ability to express a new behavior in different contexts after a longer retention interval.
Michael's reading of the magazine and his anticipated journey, which constitute the described contexts of the discourse-excerpt, both take place outside of the narrower situational context and therefore constitute displaced contexts.
A word as well about the contribution which healthy faith contexts can make to purportedly neutral universities.
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