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discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

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According to this definition, we can divide the concepts of context into two parts: the concepts which represent the context of use of a user and the concepts which represent the user profile.
Also, this process is assured by the user's initial request adaptation to the context of use and user's preference using the ontology "ContoLogy".
As illustrated by the figure 11, the adaptation process to the context of use and the user's profile is accomplished in 16 steps explained bellow:
This part assures the functional dynamic adaptive adaptation of these applications sensitive to the context of use and the user's profile, it is assured by the adaptation of the initial request of user to the context of the current session in the various contextual situations.
The context of use of a user witch accedes to a ubiquitous application, in addition to be composed of multiples aspects is very variable and in constant evolution, which makes the adaptation process of the application hard to accomplish.
Consequently, it verifies the conformity between the requested preferences and the context of use, mainly the used MD, localization and his accesses rights.
Then, it reformulates and sends to PMWS the adapted answer to the context of use.
This application will be used by our system for the adapting to the context of use and the profile of user.
According to all steps of this section, we can see the use of the ontology of the context "ContoLogy" for managing preferences and resolving Conflicts, in order to adapt the initial request of the user to his context of use and his profile, which includes his preferences.
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