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  • adj

Synonyms for conterminous

sharing a common boundary

Synonyms for conterminous

connecting without a break


Related Words

having a common boundary or edge

being of equal extent or scope or duration

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The outbreaks occurred conterminously with mosquito populations, which were 40 percent higher for cities with epidemic pockets.
Thus, while they showed that "racial threat" may be operating on the macro level, they were unable to determine if and how macro and micro factors operate conterminously on use of punitive discipline.
We are all after the same things, so why not join some of our NSERC and NCF grant awards to work conterminously with important institutions like Queens, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon?
Only the commissioner of Administrative Services serves conterminously with the governor.
To Christian readers used to conceiving God and heaven in some sense conterminously, this dramatic disjoining of the two--choosing one or the other--makes no sense.