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Synonyms for conterminous

sharing a common boundary

Synonyms for conterminous

connecting without a break


Related Words

having a common boundary or edge

being of equal extent or scope or duration

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A similar diurnal cycle has also been revealed in the conterminous USA (Matsui et al.
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A close reading of Lewis's letters, together with other conterminous sources, shows no evidence of any major religious change prior to early 1930.
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The white-tailed deer is an abundant mammalian species ranging from southern Canada throughout most of the conterminous United States, and southward into northern South America (8).
This consideration, therefore, brings to fore the requirement to closely examine a conterminous account of marketing behavior.
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In Late Neoproterozoic time, the Congo Craton was a low-lying platform the size of the conterminous United States.
The question of whether "honor" is conterminous with ethics or a subset of the same may be appropriate for a lively university debate.
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He becomes conscious that this higher part is conterminous and continuous with a MORE of the same quality which is operative in the universe outside of him, and which he can keep in working touch with, and in a fashion get on board of and save himself when all his lower being has gone to pieces in the wreck, (bl.