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happiness with one's situation in life

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I also want to emphasize that parental contentment doesn't mean blinding ourselves to see a smooth ride when there are issues at hand, big or small.
In fact, now is the perfect time to increase your contentment and spread the joy by preparing and sharing some homemade food.
Both contentment with concrete rewards and contentment with interpersonal links are associated with interpersonal deviance.
Notwithstanding increasing or decreasing incomes, individuals in a state may feel positive or negative regarding their financial future (Popescu, 2015a, b), and this may impact their degrees of life contentment.
May we live out the same attitude: (1) recognise God as our sole provider of all we have; (2) pursue God and a financial path that honours His name; (3) live in contentment before Him, accepting with gratitude the daily -- "just enough" -- bread He provides.
The biggest key to contentment was spending time with family, according to almost two-thirds (63%) of those who took part - while the second most important factor was doing a job they loved.
The congregation also thought about the true meaning of contentment and Jesus' insistence that, however much or little we have, we should not be anxious.
Putting things in perspective How nice it would be if everyone around, Had thankful hearts and happiness around, And in simple things satisfaction could find, Have contentment and peace of mind.
Consuming a large amount of cocoa polyphenols, compounds found naturally in the cocoa bean, can result in improved feelings of calmness and contentment, according to a study of 72 men and women aged 4065 years from the University of Australia.
Yet we still believe "the man" when he tells us that true contentment is available for three easy payments of $19.
KONDA's survey has also revealed that there has been an increase in the level of the public's contentment since March 2010.
It's a fascinating insight into a man who has had a rocky road to the top, but one that shows the contentment he feels now that his mind is on racing.
Alas, those days will never return, yet, despite the Depression, we found deep-rooted contentment.