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the state of being contented with your situation in life


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This is not always in the literal sense of returning to a place of origin, but can be understood more symbolically in the idea of finding acceptance, legitimacy, or contentedness, which marginalised people are routinely denied.
One day, the difference between those who set the world on fire for the sake of their interests and others who renounce the world with contentedness will be clearly understood.
I was already mourning the fragile truce of contentedness we had forged since coming back from the Jersey shore two weeks ago, an idyll that had briefly included a break from sleepless nights, non-existent naps, and the scourge of reflux, which had plagued Justin off and on for the better part of his first year-and-a-half of life.
I am delighted to inaugurate the conference of the 41st General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), and I renew keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on this federation and supporting its objectives based on the Kingdom's contentedness of the importance of the joint Arab action at the media level," Dr.
I have pondered the issue of happiness, contentedness, being "centered" as my wife Diane says, a number of times since retiring.
Gone was the look of weariness, replaced by a calm contentedness created,r Ifanca y,c by fond memories of Herbert the teddy bear.
In fact, recent studies show that families who face challenges, and narrate these ups and downs to the next generation, can in fact help encourage a sense of self-worth and contentedness amongst the youngest member of that family.
Chambers' volume even produces sketches by James Riddel showing cats in attitudes of repose, happiness, contentedness, and conviviality.
One mother, for example, wrote: "Remember that they need focused, intensive mommy-time each day, regardless of age or general contentedness.
The achievement of women in Jordan so far is an outcome of the higher political well rather than contentedness of the elite group of politicians and the public.
Lina has progressed from linking riches to contentedness to considering the possibility that beauty and love, which she now sees as realities tending towards the infinite rather than material realities, will satisfy her senses in order to make her happy.
Alertness and contentedness improved significantly within the pycnogenol group and levels of anxiety decreased by 17%.
Only contentedness possessed a significant relationship with 1,8-cineole levels, and interestingly to some of the cognitive performance outcomes, leading to the intriguing proposal that positive mood can improve performance whereas aroused mood cannot," said Moss.
A relaxed contentedness dominates the St James' Park dressing room now, he adds, fuelling the confidence that has seen Newcastle pick up seven wins and four draws in the league.