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Synonyms for contented

Synonyms for contented

satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are


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The seat was amply wide enough for the little man and the two children, and when Jim started to leave the hall the kitten jumped upon his back and sat there quite contentedly.
The fact is I am too socially disposed to be able to live contentedly without a friend; and as the only friends I have, or am likely to have, are at home, if it--or rather, if they were gone--I will not say I could not live--but I would rather not live in such a desolate world.
Coulson went on his way toward the exit from the station, puffing contentedly at his big cigar.
Men with calloused hands and attired in garments that showed the wear of an endless trudge for a living, smoked their pipes contentedly and spent five, ten, or perhaps fifteen cents for beer.
Having stilled its immemorial allocution to the moon, the watch-dog was assisting a negro who, prefixing a team of mules to the plow, was flatting and sharping contentedly at his task.
Then his Majesty returned to his throne and puffed his pipe so contentedly that a small cloud of smoke formed above his head.
Jones being assured that he could have no bed, very contentedly betook himself to a great chair made with rushes, when sleep, which had lately shunned his company in much better apartments, generously paid him a visit in his humble cell.
He thought of the number of girls and women she had seen marry, how many homes with children in them she had seen grow up around her, how she had contentedly pursued her own lone quiet path - for him - and how he had sometimes seen a shade of melancholy on her blessed face, that smote him with remorse and despair.
asked John Baptist, who had begun, contentedly, to munch his bread.
The little man sat down again upon the pavement with the negligent ease of one who was thoroughly accustomed to pavements; and placing three hunks of coarse bread before himself, and falling to upon a fourth, began contentedly to work his way through them as if to clear them off were a sort of game.
Most of them have sheltered contentedly under the nuclear umbrella provided by the USA,UK and France for years.
As all celebrate the boy's return to his world on the page, he smiles contentedly, for now he knows why he is here.
I stumbled across women in various baby massage classes who always looked as fresh as a daisy, clutching their infant as it gurgled contentedly and never, ever cried.
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We will then, without the frustration of queueing, have a pleasant stroll to the appropriate gate and walk on to the plane where all other passengers will be sitting contentedly in their seats, allowing us to settle in ours.