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Synonyms for contend

Synonyms for contend

to strive in opposition

to strive against (others) for victory

to put forth reasons for or against something, often excitedly

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for contend

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2 : to try hard to deal with <He has many problems to contend with.
While those of a neoliberal persuasion believe that globalization is fostering trade and economic growth and raising living standards for people in many parts of the world, globalization's critics contend that these improvements are concentrated in a relatively few countries and, to make matters worse, are being accompanied by declining standards of living for people in other parts of the world.
The school board maintains that it didn't retaliate against Jackson and contends he has no case under Title IX.
The McMurrays' July 28 claims contend that a letter written in September 2003 from Burbank Chief Assistant City Attorney Juli Scott to LAPD Chief William Bratton unfairly accused James McMurray of misconduct in connection with his wife's lawsuit.
Stone Age folk 800,000 years ago didn't make long-range plans, talk to one another, or form cultural groups, so they couldn't have organized efforts to build rafts and row to islands, contends archaeologist Iain Davidson of the University of New England in Australia.
New Century Children, however, "will need shared care," contends Scarr.
However, the government contends that there are significant differences between what is reported to the government and what physicians actually pay.
SLDN also contends that Clark failed to even contact Winchell's mother, Patricia Kutteles, about the murder of her son and to express his condolences.
Law Bulletin Publishing contends that reductions in renewal income and new orders cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.
H contends that he prepaid rent in 1992 to induce the landlord to agree to a below-market lease rate and to require no personal guaranty in his next lease.
This view contends that, rather than a need for the existing infrastructure of the Internet to expand vertically (via fatter and fatter bandwidth), the design of the underlying architecture needs to go horizontal, via so-called edge services.
86) Gillis contends that youth were being prosecuted in Oxford, England for acts that had originally been tolerated.
He contends that the "politically motivated scholar and teacher is engaged in a dishonest act: pretending that his conclusions are reached impartially when they are not.
He contends that because construction is not permitted in an area undergoing asbestos abatement, owners must consider the abatement as a separate entity, which must be woven into the actual construction schedule.
In his new book, The Color Line: Legacy for the Twenty-First Century, John Hope Franklin contends that Du Bois was certainly right, but Franklin argues that the problem of race will remain a problem for the next century.