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Contender promoter Garry Bell believes the matchmaking will deliver on the excitement front and provides a chance for Teesside fighters to grow their reputations.
In just under 30 years, Contender has redefined sport fishing boat construction.
One of these was long-range silhouetting and the 10" T/C Contender became the number one pistol used in the Production Class.
The Contender was a different format than I imagined and I wouldn't do it again but I pocketed $250,000 for being runner-up and my two fights since have made me the same amount again.
Leonard, in London yesterday to announce the British version of The Contender, said: "I'm very excited about it and look forward to pitting my boxing brain against Barry McGuigan's.
Ridden by Robby Albarado, Strong Contender covered the 1 1/8-miles in 1:48.
Braddock dealt with this loss stoically, confident that his status as top contender for the light heavyweight crown ensured a lucrative future.
Viewers can vote for her or other contenders next Saturday during BBC1's Making Your Mind Up.
The company had touted Contender Books around several large publishers in hope of finding a buyer but attracted no firm interest.
These moves put Computer Associates in hotly competitive markets where heavyweight contenders already are battling.
It's worth noting that in 1988 CEOs gave Michael Dukakis higher ratings relative to the 1988 contenders in each of these areas.
Despite the fact that the Contender pistol functions perfectly just as it comes from the box, the first reaction of a new owner is to search for ways to "tune" the pistol, thus enhancing both its functioning and accuracy.
Pierce's Contender SSV is built on a GMC chassis with a choice of 14- or 18-foot body lengths.
KICKBOXING newcomers Contender Martial Arts are shaping up for championship glory.
Contender had already pulled off a coup by signing famed Nottingham mixed martial arts fighter Paul Daley to fight in the main event of their February 15 show at Eston Sports Academy.