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Synonyms for contend

Synonyms for contend

to strive in opposition

to strive against (others) for victory

to put forth reasons for or against something, often excitedly

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for contend

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Founded in the spring of 2014, Contend specialises in using insights and analytics to create, produce and distribute data-driven content designed to deliver measurable business results for brands and publishers.
20) Project Exile officials contend that neighborhood demographics have little effect because approximately 95 percent of Project Exile defendants plead guilty and do not face a jury.
Peering is the Achilles' heel of the whole system," contends Lloyd Taylor, VP of Operations at Internet traffic monitoring company Keynote Systems.
He contends that it is bad enough that black youth listen to rap, but what's worse, rap is not just "black music," but has white fans too.
86) Gillis contends that youth were being prosecuted in Oxford, England for acts that had originally been tolerated.
He contends that discarding racial and class combinations will be throwing off centuries of "identical moral claims about fate and the state of the races," which are repeated endlessly.
From a genetic perspective, "humans appear as only slightly remodeled chimpanzee-like apes, the scientists contend.
While Santa Clarita leaders contend that the mine would cause air pollution, increased traffic, reduced property values and harm to the Santa Clara River, representatives for Cemex Inc.
With these words Neubauer challenges those who would contend that only economic and social changes bring about new social realities.
Olsen contend that the Fifth Amendment does not include a constitutional right to be free of coercive interrogation, but only a right not to have a forced confession used at trial.
Studies of turn-of-the-century adult attitudes about treatment of youth all contend that a major shift in perceptions of youth occurred but they differ concerning the reasons behind the changes.
SANTA CLARITA - Water-supply projections are inflated in the 2001 Santa Clarita Valley Water Report, critics contend in a new minority report.
Granada Hills, led by freshman Alyson Golditch, and Chatsworth could contend for the City team title, while Hwang tries to follow her sister, Min Hee, as City individual champ.