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the manifestation of scorn and contempt

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Need to feel like kings * Model of achievement/role model * Need to be put on a pedestal (x5) * Ridiculous anti-woman comments * Competent women = more * Lecherous, come-ons, tell 'dirt recognition jokes' * 'Naughty' female students = cry * Interruptions of women talking for any reason, give silly * Contemptuousness for women in excuses, have affair with men's groups.
Likewise, there was a creeping contemptuousness toward politics: This was the difference between Democrats and Republicans?
Despite her alleged contemptuousness of such political alignments, Chopin's work has been extremely important for, and concurred in, "social change," even if such readings have only been produced in relatively recent times.
His reaction is to confront John, who encouraged this evangelistic initiative, with the racist and contemptuousness of its approach.
The success of the metaphor has given Rahul an easy, smiling contemptuousness.