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Synonyms for contemptible

Synonyms for contemptible

Antonyms for contemptible

deserving of contempt or scorn

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Unfortunately, it will mean that Victor is no longer faithful to Ilse but has a string of girlfriends whom he treats contemptibly and rather wickedly.
one who hath not only given up the proper dignity of man, but sunk himself beneath the rank of animals and contemptibly crawls through the world like a worm.
To adherents of such an artistic philosophy, finished studio work was not just superfluous but contemptibly artificial.
Contemptibly, the trio has really conjoined to keep the hoi polloi from partaking in the gaiety of the day.
But we know that Washington is contemptibly weak when it comes to Israel.
How can you break up with someone for cheating on you and go right ahead and behave contemptibly yourself?
The suggestion that those who warn of the folly of the profit-driven stampede into wind generation have no concernfor the future is so contemptibly ridiculous as to be unworthy of comment.
If people do not feel they can trust professionals, the reason is not that they don't want or need to, but that professionals have so often betrayed their trust by not living up to their professions' ideals of altruistic service--and in some cases, such as those of professionals who have wholeheartedly embraced a privatized profit-seeking ethic, by treating that trust as contemptibly naive.
To Aviva, Guido is her only real love, for her Arab (the word is always used pejoratively in the book) husband behaves contemptibly to her and their two fine children.
And why be any shock if the UN chief Ban Ki-moon shows himself up cruelly and contemptibly as such an outright partisan as to condone implausibly the horrifically disproportionate Israeli bloodshed of the Gazans on the specious plea of self-defense while condemning Hamas for missiles' firing?
Worst, both the federal and the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa governments are quite perceptibly contemptibly playing petty politics on the grief of these internally displaced.
Yes, Cohen's characters can be entreating, they can make us laugh; yet, the fact that they are rejected contemptibly is far from telling about our society.
In the process, this constellation of the panjandrums have contemptibly smitten the indigenous uprising of the Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Kashmir, which has cost them unspeakably dearly in life, limbs, honours and dignities, into a mere state terrorism sponsored by the Pakistani military.