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Synonyms for contemptible

Synonyms for contemptible

Antonyms for contemptible

deserving of contempt or scorn

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He said: "To put Tony Blair's contemptible claim into context, we were fighting the most technically advanced insurgency in history with arguably the most antiquated defence procurement system in the world, at that time.
I have never seen such a contemptible and irresponsible situation.
It is a disgrace that a vile and contemptible figure as Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), should visit Israel on an El Al flight and tour Yad Vashem in the plain light of day, as he did Tuesday morning.
Personally I find both to be contemptible, along with the inhumane killing of all farmed animals for food, the slaughter of male calves as their milk is stolen and the live crushing or gassing of male chicks - superfluous to the production of eggs.
The truth is that Vladimir Putin's contemptible response to the treatment of the bodies of the people killed after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine is terrible.
Response was swift, with one tweet calling the hashtag contemptible.
It is an anti-women attitude - a feeling that women have no place in public life, in religion or in politics - I find contemptible.
Supreme Court ruling delivered Thursday is notable for its common sense - not the decision on the health care law, but the one protecting Americans' right to be contemptible braggarts.
The Deputy General would like to make clear that he will legally follow and prosecute whoever proves to be behind or taking part in spreading such contemptible lies, the statement warned.
The scum responsible have hit a new low even by their own contemptible standards and must be brought to justice.
The Prime Minister said it was a "tragedy" that the Nobel Peace Prize winner was spending her 64th birthday behind bars because of the regime's absurd and contemptible show trial.
Sentencing Chaney, of The Crescent, Cwmbran, south Wales, Judge David Wynn Morgan told him he was "a wholly contemptible human being".
The first are marginal candidates whose chances are laughable and whose politics are generally contemptible.
Under such men, the Church has not become something small and contemptible, but some thing worthy of respect.