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unworthiness by virtue of lacking higher values

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As he hopscotched around the world in an attempt to avoid extradition to the United States, the contemptibility of his conduct was fully unmasked.
3) She received the letter from Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association (4) who cautioned against using terms like "illegal" and "alien" because the labels "establish" a brand of contemptibility.
Furthermore, they defined these ancient Nubians in the ancient texts as "wretched," a term implying dejection, cowardice, profound unhappiness, misery, poverty, unsatisfactory abilities, contemptibility, and despicability.
And in the cast, not a weak link among the principals, with Jason Howard heroically conveying the contemptibility of Wotan's character (finally achieving partial redemption at the very end of the opera).
In an age where contemptible behaviour on the sports field is excused by the lazy notion that removing the contemptibility of the individual would compromise the effectiveness, it's heartening to witness a leading player who blows out of the water the theory that nice guys, of necessity, finish second.