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arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

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Suddenly, conservation and contemporizing are indistinguishable gestures.
The agency recently launched a campaign for the Rival(R) Crock-Pot(R) Slow Cooker aimed at contemporizing the classic brand and positioning it as a catalyst for bringing the family back together at the dinner table.
His experience with contemporizing iconic brands will be instrumental as we reinvigorate our brand and the way we connect with consumers.
We are taking Japanese looks and contemporizing them.
When they're not echoing the themes of classic noirs (like 1981's ``Body Heat,'' a faithful and true updating of the genre), today's neo-noirs often pay homage to them - or simply just borrow the genre's iconic elements, often contemporizing them in the process.
It is one of the top new brands emerging within the 'tween' entertainment arena and DIC has done a remarkable job in contemporizing the characters in a way that will appeal to today's consumers.
We're contemporizing ABC Sports and enhancing our presentation,'' Bornstein said.
In addition to investing in new technologies, Rail Services is contemporizing its intermodal assets to meet customers' needs.
The 2001 Regal, with special design cues by Abboud, comes in gold, silver, and granite, is the only General Motors Olympic branded sedan, and is the next step in contemporizing its line of premium vehicles.
Rather, we're contemporizing the way we want people to think about our brand.
In 1991 he was promoted to brand director - Budweiser and managed the contemporizing of the world's largest-selling beer.
Building on the tremendous in roads she has already made, Lora will continue collaborating with the editorial, consumer marketing, and business development teams, contemporizing our approach to the market to create new opportunities and fuel continued long term success.
We are pleased to partner with DreamWorks on the DVD release of Over the Hedge as it provides a terrific opportunity for Hostess to introduce another compelling promotional program that will resonate with consumers, while contemporizing the iconic Hostess brand," said Kevin Kaul marketing director at Hostess.
Roberto Cruz, Senior Brand Manager for Tanqueray gin states that "ID Society delivered on the challenge, radically contemporizing the look and feel and building a digital "environment" that allows consumers to engage with Tony Sinclair though his bio, TV ads, and through a highly interactive cocktail experience.