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arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

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And though political conspiracies threaten to bury him, Octavius has his allies, particularly vestal virgin Camane (Emily Blunt), whose cooing narration and grrl-power advocacy both contemporizes the story and lays waste to its credibility.
Set against a warm berry-color background, the new look contemporizes the brand, as well as underscores its rich heritage.
Global Re-Image Campaign Contemporizes Entire Look of KFC - From Logo to Restaurant Design, Advertising, Packaging, Point-of-Sale, Uniforms and More
Brandes on Value: The Independent Investor Contemporizes Time-Tested Graham-and-Dodd Principles
The big screen adaptation contemporizes the premise with a '70s sensibility.
CST's exclusive "Featurization" process contemporizes classic genre black and white films by shortening, re-editing, re-scoring and colorizing the material into fast-paced, all-new stand-alone half-hour programs.
The focus groups helped to determine that the multi-product commercials contain the appealing imagery and content that contemporizes Texaco's image.