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arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

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Cairo Kitchen focuses on two things mainly: koshari, the every Egyptian's dish of rice, brown lentils and pasta topped off with red sauce and thin shards of caramelized fried onions; as well as baladi salads contemporized with an ingredient's twist or two.
The outlet is done in the classic La Martina style, and tailored specifically to the Middle East market, distinguished by its black and white marbled floor tiles, vintage chandeliers contemporized through the use of black lampshades and antique furniture.
This contemporized his image and allowed him to evolve with the changes that took place in the sixties.
based company has contemporized its look for its growing health-oriented, young female consumer base, with packaging that highlights nutritional aspects and health benefits.
The language of the poem--which is quite complex--has been contemporized, and the art is gorgeous: Hinds has an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and color, which he puts to good use.
The result, with its gently contemporized dialogue that still remains quite true to White's original wording, offers a family-friendly primer on the cycle of life that's careful to not overplay the inherent sentiment.
The production's overall impulse -- from updated lines to Paul Tazewell's costumes -- has been relentlessly contemporized from the musical's mid-1970s origins.
Bourguignon, who is credited with rescuing Euro Disney in the mid-'90s, contemporized Club Med, offering vacationers the authentic, individualistic experience they crave, such as backpacker-type excursions into native communities.
Brands must be updated and contemporized on a daily basis.
He contemporized the setting from the 1960s to the present to add emotional potency.
And we fill the sound tracks of our movies with contemporized show tunes, camp classics, and tragic homo anthems.
With the right approach, landlords, owners, sponsors and managing agents can have their buildings contemporized in value-enhancing, cost-effective ways.
The agency notes that these customers are the ones that grew up consuming most of these older brands, and a contemporized older brand might appeal to them as they reach middle age, and look back fondly on their youth.
These changes, coupled with a recent reduction of our board size to seven, have contemporized Sparton's corporate governance structure, strengthening the Company's relationship with current and future shareholders.
After a bumpy start, which included the Canadian company filing for bankruptcy, Penguin ended up under Perry Ellis' wing, which promptly expanded and contemporized the brand without completely chucking its rich heritage.