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Synonyms for contemporize

arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

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The new bottle design features new elements that contemporize the brand for the millennial audience, while remaining true to Stoli's longstanding heritage as an iconic vodka pioneer.
Wendy sA is in the midst of a comprehensive transformation to contemporize the brand and dramatically improve the customer experience.
We need to be creative about how we keep the message and the beauty the same, but contemporize it somehow.
Well, as soon as we'd decided to contemporize the play, a number of problems arose, including problems of equivalence.
Cadbury's Roses have been given a new design to contemporize the brand and enhance its appeal.
Richfield Hospitality to Oversee Multi-Million Dollar Renovation to Contemporize Hotel
The Eliases, rightly I think, said no, if you're going to revive it, revive it as it was,'' said Michael Blakemore, the British director who, with the uncredited help of playwright John Guare, finally got the OK to contemporize ``Kate,'' although not to the point, Blakemore insists, that the show has been in any way bastardized.
The ad program is yet another move by World Kitchen to update and contemporize the image of several of its well-known brands.
When looking to contemporize chicken dishes this summer, turn to the grill and Lawry's for uncomplicated, inspiring flavor.
We are looking to contemporize the show and give it the sense and the look of a kids show in the '90s,'' said Saban spokesman Barry Stagg.
The new advertising campaign, as well as a new website and social media outreach, is part of the brand's effort to contemporize its image and emphasize that L'eggs hosiery provides women with the perfect everyday finishing touch for any outfit and any occasion.
The event marks the official debut of a massive global re-image campaign that will contemporize 14,000-plus KFC restaurants in over 80 countries over the next few years.
We wanted the 'new' Taco Cabana to contemporize and enhance the guest experience," said Davis Sprinkle, owner of Sprinkle & Co.
She was instrumental in developing and implementing a brand repositioning to contemporize the Barbie image across multiple product categories including toys, video games, entertainment and licensed products.
The comprehensive rebranding effort, known as the One Voice campaign, was designed to focus and contemporize Communities In Schools' core messages and visual identity.