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arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

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Some unevenness is to be expected due to the nature of the endeavor, but most of the stories--wildly various, like their predecessors-hit their mark and brilliantly contemporize themes considered decades in the past.
The new campaign takes off from Vimal's brand's DNA of 'fashion for everyone' and aims to contemporize its ubiquitous appeal.
Lorraine Hansen, senior vice president and general manager of coffee for Kraft, says the new campaign "furthers Kraft's commitment to contemporize even the most iconic brands for a new generation of consumers.
And in the end, ill-discipline cost us and a guy like Felipe Contemporize wasn't going to miss penalties from those distances.
Birds Eye is the only major cross-category brand in frozen, and is looking to contemporize the frozen poultry sector with the launch of more up to date flavors.
The use of live song, recorded sound and projected images is, again, something different, and it adds to attempts to contemporize the piece and make it more relevant to a modern audience.
It is designed to elevate the brand and contemporize it," Lis said.
Handel's designers could paint ancient Egypt three-dimensionally at relatively low cost; today's designers are expected either to build it, at relatively high cost, or, as this production does, underplay its opera seria seriousness and light-heartedly play with and contemporize its imagery.
Whose idea was it to contemporize the screenplay from the original 1960s setting?
Beverly Palms, a 360 unit apartment community is scheduled to undergo a planned $1,000,000 renovation to transform and contemporize the property to compete with the newer and redeveloped apartments in the Galleria area.
Clean Design will lead the multi-phase redesign process, which will contemporize the construction industry insurer's brand for today's marketplace.
Topper Adam Fogelson said it was a "psychological horror film," while co-topper Donna Langley said, "the goal was to remain true to the classic roots of the original but contemporize it enough to where it would appeal to a modern audience.
We need to be creative about how we keep the message and the beauty the same, but contemporize it somehow.
Sachs's production seeks to draw the audience into the ancient tale, rather than contemporize time and place.
Well, as soon as we'd decided to contemporize the play, a number of problems arose, including problems of equivalence.