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arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

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As their contribution to the contemporization, director Tom Diamond and choreographer Serge Bennathan even added some touches of sexual molestation to the proceedings.
For example, continuity exists in folk-rock performance enabled by a process of contemporization of performance practice and by the use of modern instrumentation--two issues that have arguably attracted audiences outside the British folk scene.
Nevertheless, Sharp's three dimensions of continuity, variation, and selection still provide a useful heuristic model, which can be employed to describe a continuum in the contemporization of English folk music as folk-rock, ranging from preservation at one end to commercialization at the other.
The feature "Miami Vice" is the big screen contemporization of one of the most groundbreaking series in history, now unrestricted by the limits of television.
But opera goers take their eyes as well as their ears to the theatre and it is surely no directorial gift to them to sacrifice the visual character of a work on the alter of contemporization.