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the circumstances and ideas of the present age

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Th Pakistani envoy was commenting on a proposal by the Group of Four that the reform of the Council should reflect 'the realities of the contemporary world.
Don't Mention the Children is a series of poems about anti-semitism, fascism and war, connecting the contemporary world - UKIP, Marine le Pen, Palestine - to the lives of Michael's parents and grandparents.
Abluka," which will be vying for the prestigious Golden Lion award in the Venezia 72 main competition in Venice, will have its North American debut in the Contemporary World Cinema program of this year's Toronto International Film Festival, which will be marking its 40th edition from Sept.
Exquisitely documented, The Kraus Project demonstrates the unrivaled relevance of Kraus's insights to the contemporary world.
These include prehistory and the ancient world, the medieval and modern periods, Modern era through World War II, and the contemporary world.
He explores this concept through the presentation of 20 short essays treating a wide range of topicsin contemporary world politics.
Farris' debut novel "Ripple: a Tale of Hope and Redemption" is a remarkably well written work that engages the reader's total attention as it explores the nature of evil in our contemporary world with a final and enduring triumph of the human spirit.
In an address to the UN General Assembly in New York, Mr Clegg said the organisation founded in the aftermath of the Second World War had "serious shortcomings" and no longer reflected the contemporary world.
Plant adds: "I sang a bit on the Primals album because I think their references on looking back on the glorious past and the way they bring them into the contemporary world are fantastic.
Supported by The Paul Mellon Education Fund, the Mellon lectures often focus on specific monuments, their relation to our contemporary world, and the many ways in which monuments define and enhance our lives.
Audiences can view eight Qatari films created by women directors, eleven films by Arab women filmmakers screened during the Festival's Arab Film Competition, while the Contemporary World Cinema, Special Screenings and Tribute to Algerian Cinema feature another six films directed by women.
Summary: The Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF) will showcase 21 films in the Contemporary World Cinema section and 12 special screenings at its fourth edition to be held from November 17 - 24, 2012.
Foskett's framework is a "three worlds" model; in chapters one through three she encourages preachers to consider respectively the text's literary world ("world of the text"), contemporary world ("world in front of the text"), and historical world ("world behind the text").
In this issue of new formations the ethnically diverse food cultures of our contemporary world are explored in a way that refuses the 'boutique multiculturalism' of those who want to celebrate international cuisine but chose to ignore the social inequalities that exist alongside it.
The volume, part of ABC-CLIO's longstanding Contemporary World Issues series, meets this goal, almost to a fault.
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