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the circumstances and ideas of the present age

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Six of the selected Contemporary World Cinema titles are official country selections for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2013 including Children of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Just the Wind (Hungary), Kon-Tiki (Norway), The Deep (Iceland), Myn Bala -- Warriors of the Steppe (Kazakhstan) and White Tiger (Russia).
It was infatuated with the question of relevance - of creating religious norms that can be believed and religious forms that can be lived in the contemporary world.
Stephens was a master in his field, Prof Herbert said, adding "His work shows a commitment to Welsh culture and the place that popular music has in making the very idea of Welsh culture real in the contemporary world, especially to the young.
Some have been skeptical of that second focus, but JMG President David McLees explains, "Not only do we think this Grammy nomination for the Klezmatics (for the 'Best Contemporary World Music Album') will help put our little label on the map, but we are also gratified to see Matisyahu, who is not signed to our label, nominated for Best Reggae Album.
Four films are part of DTFF's Contemporary World Cinema line-up.
He underscored that in contemporary world, conduct of military operations in isolation without a clear understanding of prevalent environment was not possible.
The contemporary world helps us as we seek healthy relationships.
He blends the biblical, systematic, ethical, and spiritual/pastoral disciplines in one approach, concluding that Christianity is replete with resources and inspiration to respond to the social and ecological issues of the contemporary world.
This is the great lingua franca of the contemporary world.
For this reason alone, Conversations with Maryse Conde fills an important gap in the study of Caribbean and contemporary world literatures.
The sixth section, entitled "Baptists in the Contemporary World," incorporates a small portion of Albert W.
He will be challenging those assembled to live up to God's standards, not the standards of the contemporary world.
If we model critical thinking practices ourselves, if we emphasize solving problems with all relevant technologies, if we teach in ways that cut across disciplines, and if we develop programs and strategies that emphasize disciplined and self-aware thought, analysis, creativity, intellectual courage, and openness to ideas old and new, we can be genuinely effective in preparing our students for work and for life in the contemporary world.
The overwhelming presence of technology in our contemporary world may, after all, only be instrumental rather than essential (in the Thomistic sense).
If we hope to perform these functions effectively in our contemporary world, we must possess knowledge and methodology relevant to the current generation.
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