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Synonyms for contemporaneousness

the quality of being current or of the present

the quality of belonging to the same period of time

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Each dramatizes the "brain," each has Emerson's typical imaginative language, yet for whatever reason, only the first was useful, and it had to be expanded by inserting "This explains the curious contemporaneousness of inventions and discoveries.
It also looks at changing ethnic, national, gender and generational expressions, the influence of tradition_ contemporaneousness, local needs and international networks to show migratory group identities.
A 2007 study evidences that the interest shown by the potential public in respect to the inauguration of a Guggenheim Museum in Bucharest is impressive: (46) while traditional art museums are obsolete and resource consuming, the existing National Museum of Contemporary Art presents exhibits coming from a safe zone of a classicized contemporaneousness made by well-known artists and has its image deformed by political controversies and UAPR galleries are disorganized and unfocused, such a "new museum" is seen as a breath of fresh air in the Romanian cultural space.
The On The Waterfront event should be the place where modern architectural mapping meets Liverpool's history and its contemporaneousness.
Yet, what this criticism misses is Deja Vu's contemporaneousness.
The immediacy of his diction and the grit of spiky consonants generate a contemporaneousness that swallows human and geologic history and digests them in a rush of images.
Ironically, much of Jesus of Nazareth's contemporaneousness emerges from its attention to Tradition.
The skills of the scribbler are not necessarily those which make for the historian: by nature, there is more contemporaneousness about the former than the latter and more than a whiff of scandal (or 'scoundrel'?
The address emphasizes the timeless contemporaneousness of the painting, highlighted too by its warm humanity as compared to the stylized Virgin and Child of the previous poem, where the human creature is "Austere and almost arrogant.
Consequently, from such a perspective, one can not conceive of the possible coexistence of temporalities, the contemporaneousness of the self and the other must be unthinkable, as is attested (but not acknowledged) by the "other among us" conceit of the folklorist, the ethnographer, and the "ethnologist of the self.