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Synonyms for contemporaneous

belonging to the same period of time as another

Synonyms for contemporaneous

occurring in the same period of time

of the same period

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Comparison of Alternative Interpolation Methods for Annual Series With Indicators Interpolation methods Evaluation Lagrange Growth Denton Denton statistic polynomial preservation proportional additive 14 series without contemporaneous constraint 1 1.
The contemporaneous decline in ffr is larger than for CEE or STR, again as expected.
In addition, for donations of $250 or more, no deduction is allowed unless substantiated by a contemporaneous written acknowledgment by the donee--which must include the amount of money donated; whether the donee provided any goods or services in consideration for the donation; and a good faith estimate of their value.
Identical genotype B3 sequences from patients with contemporaneous cases in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in November and December 2005 indicate that Kenya was likely to have been the common source of virus.
The Durdens subsequently obtained a second written acknowledgment from their church with the required language, but the IRS said it did not meet the contemporaneous written acknowledgment requirement, which defines contemporaneous as the earlier of the date of filing or the extended due date, including extensions, of the return.
The donor must obtain a contemporaneous written acknowledgment for cash donations of $250 or more, stating the amount of the contribution, whether the donee provided goods or services in consideration for the donation, in whole or in part, and a good-faith estimate of the value of any goods or services the organization provided.
The beneficial relationship between early educational intervention and contemporaneous test scores is well known among educators, economists, and policymakers.
This research investigates sources leading to productivity changes for the US forest products industry during the time period from 1997 to 2009 using the contemporaneous and global Malmquist productivity index (MPI) approaches.
Republican policies led directly to the economic calamity that we live with today," says Cuddehe, author of the new book "Chronicle of Catastrophe: A Contemporaneous History of the Bush Years.
Certainly contemporaneous sentiment leans towards the latter form and tendency of thought .
They confirm that alcohol control measures in the individual's state of residence have a contemporaneous effect on the likelihood of drinking and bingeing.
Nevertheless, in the "History" section, richly derived from contemporaneous documents, Sherman gives us Horton's life and times, if not his biography.
Even if we concede that the exact details of the president's encounters with Lewinsky are crucial, Clinton's portrait of her as a fluffgirl - giving, but never receiving, sexual stimulation - is at odds not only with her testimony but with her contemporaneous reports to several other witnesses.
First, contemporaneous notice of a search should not be delayed unless the government has made a showing of reasonable necessity for the delay.
He begins by showing how unlikely it is that Lawrence and Meinertzhagen could have been together in Rafa on that night, and goes on to criticize word choice, style, and verb tenses incompatible with contemporaneous recording ("The sudden change in temporal perspective here, with the past tense verbs 'regarded' and 'resented,' is unnatural, and apparently reveals Meinertzhagen lapsing into his actual 1950s vantage point" [p.