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Synonyms for contemporaneity

the quality of being current or of the present

the quality of belonging to the same period of time

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But despite the availability of models for depicting military conflict, it is the keen awareness of contemporaneity, the varying influences of available materials, and the author's personal agenda that create the distinctive accounts of the battles in Danzhong ltd.
Unless succession preserves the contemporaneity of events, it isolates and disperses events altogether.
And thus the long trudge into contemporaneity begins.
Portugal Telecom has among other heritage, a contemporary art collection in which some of the most remarkable Portuguese authors of our artistic contemporaneity are represented.
25) The key premise behind the exception is the close temporal link between the time of the observation and the time of the statement, ensuring the statement has substantial contemporaneity to the event described.
MICE, Bled Tourism Board and other partners will continue to talk about Bridging the Gaps in terms of synchronizing and optimizing tourism marketing and contemporaneity.
William Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt, indeed even Francis Jeffrey linked political transformation with aesthetic change, and they were as sensitive to the connections between the revolutionary 1790s and generic change, as they were to the literary inheritance that they sought to refract through their contemporaneity.
Although a large portion of this material is available as individual articles or essays in other volumes, taken together, the four chapters in this book offer a level of analysis whose depth, insight, and contemporaneity are remarkable.
The novelty this year lies in the huge range of natural bathroom products for accessorising and covering, a reflection of the way in which the sector has embraced contemporaneity, lifting bathrooms out of their purely functional role to become spaces where style and image matter, bolstered by technology.
6) In the financialised time of our post-Fordist contemporaneity, thoroughly unbearable analogies surface between what could once have been regarded as romantic artistic nomadism (valorised by derive, some form of post-Deleuzianism, or even the modern epic) and the practices of what Zygmunt Bauman called "liquid modernity's .
Moreover, in its approach to the conditioning tensions between 'an archi-past and the present' (110), it provides an excellent framing of the problem of contemporaneity.
The Court stated that agency inconsistency with respect to a regulation, the regulation's age or contemporaneity, prior judicial decisions that conflict with the regulation, or the fact that the IRS adopted a regulation in response to litigation will not be taken into consideration in deciding whether the Chevron standards apply or if the regulation is valid under those standards.
After establishing these connections, Copestake then reformulates Williams's complicated debts to Emerson through an analysis of the latter's strategic use of rhetoric and preoccupation with understanding the nature of contemporaneity.
Freud's own views of shell shock are of historical import not only because of his contemporaneity with the events at issue in the book, but also because, as Kaes addresses, Freud actually served as an expert witness in a legal case involving a shell-shocked former soldier who sued his doctor for malpractice.