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Synonyms for contemplate


think about


Synonyms for contemplate

to direct the eyes on an object

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

Synonyms for contemplate

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The US Public Health Service's clinical practice guideline recommends a 5-step approach for both the precontemplators and the contemplators who are unwilling to quit, known as the "5 R's.
Primary reasons why contemplators haven't made a move include "waiting for the right opportunity" and "haven't found the home I want yet.
1) No original: "what characterizes aesthetic communication is the fact that it is wholly absorbed in the creation of a work of art, and in its continuous re-creations in the co-creation of contemplators [.
Shakespeare must have realized that when playgoers reached this conclusion, they would know that insubstantial art has a power to liberate its contemplators from the bonds of passion.
In a twist to conventional wisdom, Schelling is saying that art can ground "with universal validity" the truths that even great contemplators see but "in a merely subjective fashion"; this recognition establishes for him the ensuing means to proclaim that art is actually objective philosophy.
Contemplators are often seen as ambivalent to change, or procrastinators.
doers' rather than meditators or contemplators, effective and pragmatic rather than aesthetic, reality-testing and cognitive rather than emotional and experiencing" (p.
In this future paradise nature lovers will contemplate "with awe-struck reverence scenes of overpowering sublimity eclipsing the superficial prettiness on offer before"; a musician will play music "more exhilarating and numinously beautiful than his or her ancestors ever dreamed of" and far more beautiful than the "celestial music of the spheres heard by privileged medieval mystics"; contemplators of works of visual art will "behold the secular equivalent of the beatific vision in a million different guises, each of indescribable glory"; and, in general, the "ravishing splendor" of "states of divine happiness [will be] orders of magnitude more beautiful than anything the contemporary mind can access.
been We've also been divided into categories - activists, creatives, promoters, communicators and contemplators.
She's neither humming nor moving, adjusting her focus on the infinite, the way our eyes do before a seascape--night falls, the air is still, the coconut palms rise all the way to the beach, and we wonder, seeing them thus against the light, whether they were not once humans, contemplators of the vastness, sentinels of the ages, fathomers of the abyss.
Puritan devotees of the imitatio, in Crisp's view, were failing to be true to puritan contemplators of the Adamic bequest--"that universall leprosie and loathsomnesse over-spreading man.
A limited sub-sample of precontemplators and contemplators prevented the use of a chi-square analysis between orientation and stages of change groups.
Clients who are paralyzed in a state of perpetual analysis are sometimes called "chronic contemplators.
His sons and friends dug the grave and found the headstone lying in it, and they built a stone seat next to the grave for contemplators.
A discriminant function analysis was conducted to understand which variables best explained the difference between the contemplators and the noncontemplators.