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deep serious thoughtfulness

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Blue can represent a multitude of emotions: calm, contemplativeness, confidence, and more.
Though the script is of tangential importance here, its inability to stick to a consistent tone can be groan-worthy, especially when RZA's voiceover breaks from its zenlike contemplativeness into lines like "These motherfuckers had a Gatling gun and more bullets than China has rice.
In nature settings, the brain can relax and enter a state of contemplativeness that helps to restore or refresh those cognitive capacities.
The contemplativeness one brings to an institution established for the provision of critical aesthetic pleasure has been ambushed--before the viewer even walks through the door.
Thus, even Kohelet's first encounters with transience, explicitly causing him to hate life (Ecclesiastes 2:17), are colored by Shapiro with detached contemplativeness ("how foolish this quest for permanence"; p.
In contrast to the childish Danish Orient, the English Orient of Lord Byron is "a great decoration for passion in its ruthlessness and depression", while the German Orient of Goethe in West-ostlicher Diwan (1819) is "the refuge of the old man" and what is celebrated is "the repose and the contemplativeness of the oriental look upon life" (1900:76).
Their undiminished intensity of colour and certainty of expression invite precisely the knowing contemplativeness that allows the self to transcend the immediate concerns of the present:
Clarke has a wonderfully crisp and clear voice with an edge of raunchiness and interest and his lyrics, while not in the Dylan vein of contemplativeness, are keenly crafted.