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  • verb

Synonyms for contemplate


think about


Synonyms for contemplate

to direct the eyes on an object

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

Synonyms for contemplate

References in classic literature ?
Crimsworth, elegantly dressed in satin and lace, blooming in youth and health, vouchsafed me no more notice than was expressed by a distant move; Crimsworth, of course, never spoke to me; I was introduced to none of the band of young ladies, who, enveloped in silvery clouds of white gauze and muslin, sat in array against me on the opposite side of a long and large room; in fact, I was fairly isolated, and could but contemplate the shining ones from affar, and when weary of such a dazzling scene, turn for a change to the consideration of the carpet pattern.
When he has nothing else to do, he can always contemplate his own greatness.
That," says my Lady, "you needn't contemplate at all.
The North American Review could not, without some displeasure, contemplate so much glory monopolized by England.
With mournful pleasure she now lingered over these images, repelling with horror only the last one, the picture of his death, which she felt she could not contemplate even in imagination at this still and mystic hour of night.
You are giving yourself up to an enterprise, so shockingly unsuited to a young girl like you, that I declare I contemplate it with horror.
It was almost maddening to contemplate that result, feeling her own position as she felt it.
But youth is not prone to contemplate the darkest side of a picture it can shift at will.
I have a duty to discharge; and, either here, or in the room from which we have just now come, at whatever risk or hazard to Mr Bray, I must beseech you to contemplate again the fearful course to which you have been impelled.
Molly was charmed with the first opportunity she ever had of showing her beauty to advantage; for though she could very well bear to contemplate herself in the glass, even when dressed in rags; and though she had in that dress conquered the heart of Jones, and perhaps of some others; yet she thought the addition of finery would much improve her charms, and extend her conquests.
If I were alone, would he not at times force his abhorred presence on me to remind me of my task or to contemplate its progress?
West Of Jesus: Surfing, Science, And The Origins Of Belief by award-winning author Steven Kotler contemplates the link between neuroscience, spiritual transcendence, and sports.
It should also be noted that OSHA contemplates that the regulations will apply to all renovations and remodeling activities, which are defined to include "removal or replacement of walls, ceilings, floors, carpet and components such as moldings, cabinets, doors and windows; painting, decorating, demolition, surface refinishing and removal or cleaning of ventilation ducts.
The Merger Agreement contemplates that Hadson will issue to Santa Fe shares of a new 11-1/4 percent Senior Preferred Stock of Hadson having an aggregate liquidation preference of $52 million and shares of Hadson Common Stock equal to 40 percent of Hadson's fully-diluted common equity after giving effect to the Merger.
I note that your Rebuild America Fund proposal contemplates a $20 billion federal investment leveraging $30 billion more from other governmental or private sources.