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Synonyms for contemn

to regard with utter contempt and disdain

Synonyms for contemn

look down on with disdain

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The court had observed in its order that prima-facie the contemnor did these two BODs besides he didn't qualify to be from the private sector as envisaged under section 5(2) of the Punjab Education Foundation Act 2004.
In the meantime, the court had further directed the alleged contemnors to strictly implement its order in letter and spirit.
once the contemnor does so, "he is purged of the contempt and is
39) It may also reflect (although this, too, is far from clear in the constitutional jurisprudence) an area in which the Due Process Clause and related procedural provisions accord contextually fewer rights to a putative contemnor.
It seems odd that the bankruptcy court would have jurisdiction over the foreign corporation and control over the dividend that is alleged to be secretly the property of the contemnor.
When a contemnor can face stiff fines and terms of imprisonment for contempt of court, it can be important to appeal such decisions to ensure that these harsh punishments were fairly imposed, particularly in summary contempt proceedings where the traditional procedures are not followed.
33) The Court also noted that civil contempt would be appropriate when the contemnor refused to do an act required by the court and that criminal contempt would be appropriate when the contemnor performed a prohibited act.
To prevail on a motion to punish a party for civil contempt, the movant must demonstrate that the alleged contemnor has violated a clear and unequivocal court order, known to the parties (Condon v Inter-Religious Foundation for Community Org.
The administrator of the estate of contemnor filed a [section] 1983 suit individually and in her official capacity against deputy sheriffs in their individual capacities for violating the Fourth and Eighth Amendments.
I WOULD like to thank all the people at the Contemnor urban centre, Greenland Street, Liverpool for the lunch and presentations to celebrate 51 years of Malaysian independence.
Contempt may be used either to coerce compliance (inherent contempt), punish the contemnor (criminal contempt), and/or to remove the obstruction (civil contempt).
In another case involving a semi-celebrity contemnor, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit affirmed a sixty-day sentence for contempt imposed as a result of the following "vituperous dissertation:" (140)
In R v McLachlan [1998] 2 VR 55, Byrne J held that the prosecution in such a case 'must establish to the criminal standard that the alleged contemnor had at the relevant time, an intention to pervert the course of justice': at 67.