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  • verb

Synonyms for contemn

to regard with utter contempt and disdain

Synonyms for contemn

look down on with disdain

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It hath been commonly defined to be grief proceeding from an opinion of contempt ; which is confuted by the often experience we have of being moved to anger by things inanimate and without sense, and consequently incapable of contemning us.
Not otherwise--if Getic Phlegra be worthy credence--stood Briareus vast in bulk against embattled heaven, contemning on this hand Phoebus' quiver, on that the serpents of stern Pallas, here Mars' Pelethronian pinewood shaft, with point of iron, and yonder the thunderbolts oft changed for new by weary Pyracmon, and yet complaining, though combated in vain by all Olympus, that so many hands were idle.
However, even if most of the book is speculation (in spite of the semblances of scientific evidence every now and then) Ong makes a number of points worth contemning.
announced in his brief prologue, where he admits to contemning the world