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Synonyms for contemn

to regard with utter contempt and disdain

Synonyms for contemn

look down on with disdain

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He contemned the claim the victims had government jobs.
We confide in one statesman and oppose another, and often from unfounded antipathies as from reason; religion is tainted with uncharitableness and hostilities without examination; usages are contemned, tastes ridiculed and we decide wrong, from the practice of submitting to a preconceived and an unfounded prejudice, the most active and the most pernicious of all the hostile agents of the human mind.
But Sontag was one of a small number of intellectuals at the time--Marshall McLuhan and Andrew Sarris are notable in this respect as well--who had to wage a protracted campaign to surmount literary, left-liberal, snobbery and prudery so to widen the bounds of pleasure to include contemned popular art forms.
And didst thou not cover us with this sable exterior, by which our race is distinguished, and for which they are contemned and ever been cruelly persecuted
But rhyming has in the remote past created anxiety about its magical power--as in the English with regard to the Irish, whom they contemned and whose poetic traditions preserved more of ancient practice.
And if they dared to appropriate dramatic or sensational modes accepted in works of more respectable writers (such as Joanna Baillie in Plays of the Passions, Robert Browning in Dramatic Romances and Lyrics, or Matthew Arnold in Empedocles on Etna) they could expect damning autobiographical readings and ad hominem scorn from critics who contemned their authorial projections as well as their obstinate resistence to the critical instruction of their betters.
6) For Godwin, the vital, defining human essence is immaterial, as revealed in instances where physical pain "has been contemned and defied by the energies of intellectual resolution" (PJ 1: 78-79).
In King Lear, for instance, Edgar, in despair and disguised as Mad Tom just before the appearance of his blinded father, aphoristically affirms that he is better off ragged and aware of being scorned than he would be were he scorned unawares since flattered for his wardrobe's display of wealth and status: "Yet better thus, and known to be contemned/ Than still contemned and flattered" (4.
To tell you that just as [in the case of] the nut, though it be spoiled with mud and filth, yet are its contents not contemned, so [in the case of] a scholar, although he may have sinned, yet is his Torah not contemned.
may be assured, is a pretext for seduction; and if not contemned will
But however the decision of the judges of the national tribunals may be disregarded and contemned, those of State judges might be expected to receive some share of the attention and respect of this champion of state rights.