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Synonyms for contaminant

Synonyms for contaminant

a substance that contaminates

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If you're not worried about airborne contaminants that are commonly found indoors, you should be.
We have to understand the additional contaminants in re-use water and how they affect the chemistry of the receiving application--such as additional suspended and dissolved solids going to the receiving application that might affect charged chemistry methods.
In addition, lasers can strip contaminants from surfaces of parts to prepare them for decorating or bonding.
Lifetime contaminant and hormonal profiles have been reconstructed for an individual male blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus, Linnaeus 1758) using the earplug as a natural aging matrix that is also capable of archiving and preserving lipophilic compounds.
First Nations call on government to clean-up contaminants
The contaminant may be dirt, grease, one of a number of different oils, fingerprints, mold release agents, or plasticizer leaching from plastic or a previous coating.
Most TMs don't tell you to check generator fuel tank contaminant levels.
An investigation of the impact of moving objects on airborne contaminant transmission inside an inpatient ward can be made experimentally or through computer simulations.
Many times these contaminants can be resolved at the histologic level, particularly when the tissue contaminant is derived from a completely different organ system.
EPA's Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Program, please visit the site listed above.
Identification of a contaminant on a surface is almost always followed by speculation as to the source of the contaminant and the mechanism of contamination.
This is a concern because the effects of a contaminant can be unchanged, exacerbated, or ameliorated once contaminant exposure has ceased.
Without the presence of appropriate sensors in the aircraft, information on contaminant transport cannot be obtained in a timely fashion.
In addition to measuring contaminant concentrations in fish, human biomonitoring is a very useful tool to measure actual levels of contaminant exposure in targeted "at-risk" populations rather than relying solely on calculated estimates of exposure.
They are frequently used in combination with the company's head pulleys to achieve more thorough contaminant removal.