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package in a container


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In its report titled Containerized and Modular Data Centers , IHS evaluated unit and revenue data from suppliers to the containerized and modular data center market over a six-month period.
Other vendors that already sell containerized data centers, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and i/o Data Centers, haven't disclosed shipment figures.
Canadian Clear also specializes in containerized brackish water and sea water plants keeping in focus space availability, mass consumption, relief agencies, war time army requirements, make shift facilities, as well as sea side resorts.
border is due to unprecedented volumes of containerized traffic from Asia.
Many of them were initially the chapel component of Force Provider and are being refitted into stand-alone containerized chapels.
CAT provides modern containerized marine transport and intermodal logistics services linking East and Gulf Coast North America with both coasts of South America, using a fleet of modern, fast and reliable container vessels.
Other major projects in the works are the 679-acre Military Ocean Terminal at Bayonne, developed for mixed-use office, industrial and recreational use; the Port Jersey Industrial and Marine Center, which will consist primarily of warehouse/distribution centers and containerized shipping terminals; and Hudson County's first 18-hole golf course.
For containerized trees, make sure there are no bare spots in the foliage, missing or damaged limbs, or discolored or spotted leaves, unless it's the end of the summer season.
com/research/hc8wdf/global) has announced the addition of the "Global Containerized Data Center Market 2011-2015" report to their offering.
com adds Global Containerized Data Center Market 2015-2019 research report that forecasts a 20.
Shippable has just unveiled its new platform in the virtualization field, which now provides support to containerized workflows.
Power and cooling company APC by Schneider Electric will make a new push this year into the market for containerized data centers, this time including portable infrastructure gear such as generators and chillers.
Summary: Indicaa Group Limited, the world's leading trader in containerized scrap metal based in Dubai, has deployed application delivery solution Propalms TSE that provides centralized application access to 50 users across 15 remote sites.
Marie is forging ahead with its plan to establish itself as a containerized freight transfer hub, despite Canadian National Railway (CN) throwing cold water on the concept.