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INVISTA Polymer and Resins offers a diverse portfolio of products under this business, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins which are used for bottles and containers for carbonated soft drink, water, beer, juice, food and custom container applications.
Alternatives to container applications, such as using ground glass to replace aggregates, are also not well established and are lower in value, minimizing the economic benefit of recovering glass.
Bowling Green, OH, a manufacturer of flexographic printing inks for both wide web and shipping container applications, has introduced a pH neutral water-based ink.
These modular tools, written specifically for 32-bit development environments, can be used with a variety of industry-standard platforms, including Microsoft[TM] Visual Basic 4, 5, 6; Borland Delphi; Borland C++ Builder; Microsoft[TM] Visual C++; Microsoft[TM] Office applications; and any other ActiveX control container applications.
Shipping container applications for paperboard will be threatened by gains in plastic drums, box inserts and other containers based on plastic's light weight, strength, moisture-resistance, durability and reusability.
Embedded in ActiveX container applications, such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, 3Space Assistant allows for integration of real time 3D models with technical documents and Internet applications.
Previously, safeguarding mobile device access to corporate data and resources, as well as protecting in-flight data and data at rest on the device while not altering personal data has required IT to use proprietary mobile applications, custom application development, and complex multi-box solutions from multiple vendors to support desktop virtualization and container applications, adding significantly to complexity and the total cost of ownership.
The company says plastic blowmoulded container applications, typically from 0.
a leading manufacturer of flexographic printing inks for both wide web and shipping container applications, has appointed Tom Wilkinson as its new national sales manager.
And PET must be heat-set to provide a modicum of stability for retortable and hot-fill container applications.
From its state-of-the-art Panella Engineering and Development Center to its experienced manufacturing teams across its network, CCC delivers high performance, cost-effective design solutions to meet even the most challenging container applications.
SABIC's two new high density polyethylene (HDPE) grades for industrial container applications, ICP4907S and ICP5602, are now commercially available.
MicroGREEN) today unveiled InCycle[TM], a revolutionary transformation of recycled PET into a lightweight, insulating, grease and moisture proof printable sheet, as a cost-effective, sustainable alternative for print, packaging, and container applications.