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Glass container and fiberglass insulation companies are motivated to purchase cullet because it replaces batch, improves quality and minimizes energy usage and emission discharges.
Otherwise, two distinct sections in the container and handle will blow out in direction "B" and the blown sections will meet, creating a web.
These ports were not laid out to cope with container storage and people started to charge terminal fees," says van Nieuwkop.
There are two other Podocarpus types, in addition to `Icee Blue,' that especially lend themselves to container growing.
Tracking down the boxes in forward areas outside of container yards was especially challenging, Edward said.
border theoretically outward--the Container Security Initiative, for example, has customs officers placed at 40 foreign ports to inspect shipments destined for the United States--to ensure that American soil is the last line of defense, not the first, she said.
As the Natick low-cost container was further along in the development process than industry's concept, the in-house approach to the LCADS container solution began.
If the reusable metal container has packing instructions inside the lid, follow them when shipping items.
food company Chiquita Brands International in August signed a 10-year lease agreement for a container cargo terminal at Port Everglades.
For operations that require large capacity, RCP has Roll Out Containers in two sizes--65 or 95 gallons.
In addition, some of these robots have inverted mounts so that they can reach directly into the bottom of the container without the need for an extension arm.
Firstly, unification of the Corrugated Container Division of Oji Paper's Packaging Company with Seven Oji Paper Group Corrugated Container companies (100% owned by Oji Paper).
With the right equipment, it can be done in a few minutes, and the reconstitution date should then be clearly marked on the container.
Refillable milk bottles, already making a comeback in many natural foods stores, provide a low-cost container for milk while encouraging local processing, thus providing employment for the local community.
The issue in Transamerica Container is whether the ad valorem property tax on domestically owned international cargo containers, despite apportionment, creates a substantial or enhanced risk of international multiple taxation in violation of the Foreign Commerce Clause as interpreted by the U.