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in a contagious manner


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Dissatisfied employees through constant nagging will spread their odd feeling contagiously to their workmates and ultimately harm the organization.
VC-backed start-ups become a magnet for talent development, innovation and wealth creation--their entrepreneurial spirit will contagiously spread new values in society.
The football fever that developed in France and spread contagiously throughout the home country is still lingering, a sell-out crowd expected at Cardiff City Stadium for the visit of Moldova in the opening game of the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign.
But if they come inside, we'll purify it with the holy water from the Ganga," explains a temple caretaker, outlining age- old prejudices that label these people as contagiously toxic.
In the only published study on dispersion of oothecae of the Chinese mantis in North America, Eisenberg and Hurd (1990) found them to be contagiously distributed in Delaware; 49-71% was within the same 2 [m.
Nevertheless, although the sources of these threats are personified agents, the threatening influence resulting from their activities was perceived as spreading contagiously.
16 although most infections remain superficial, ~25% will spread contagiously from skin to subcutaneous tissues and or bone.
No Wald-Wolfowitz runs test was significant; however, rare parasites were contagiously distributed among bays for mytilids on the East Coast and uniformly distributed for oysters on both the East and Gulf coasts.
Bryan Adams's first album of new music since 2008 is a contagiously upbeat return to form for the Canadian singer-songwriter.
Irreverent, playful and contagiously fun, this book explains a variety of germs and the diseases they cause, from the common cold to Ebola.
His radiating smile is just as contagiously giddying as it is on television.
Although many animal species yawn, studies show only humans, chimpanzees and some domestic dogs yawn contagiously, says Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at University College London.
No, the legend spread contagiously as more superhuman acts were accomplished.
Prefiguring the analysis below, this approach suggests analyzing the propensity to engage in AOD use by looking both at what it is that spreads contagiously in the nightclub assemblage (for example, practices of drinking and dancing, or the emotions of people or "moods in the air"; atmospheres), and how these suggestions are spatially and affectively conditioned.
Our thanksgiving often sounds more like self-praise than the deep gratitude that is contagiously transformative.