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Total quantity or scope: medication for inpatients with HIV / AIDS and TB and other categories of patients with various infectious and contagious diseases, according to specifications and details in Appendix B
Dr Bin Saeed said 150 foreign workers were found to be having contagious diseases last year and were sent back to their home countries.
We are optimistic that the Haj this year will be free of epidemics," he said while highlighting the measures taken by the ministry to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.
CONTAGIOUS A contagious disease is one that's transferred from one person to another by ordinary social contact, such as by sharing a home, workplace, school or institution.
He added that the ministry considers extending the working hours at the Contagious Diseases Centres to 9 pm and fix certain times for private sector companies.
Articles reprinted from pamphlets or excerpted from longer reports issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and other public and private entities, provide practical information for lay readers about specific diseases and about contagious diseases as a group.
Tunisian Health Minister Mondher Zenaidi and Libyan Health Secretary Mohamed Mahmoud Hijazi agreed to create a joint mechanism for the purchase of vaccines and serums and the control of contagious diseases such as the H1N1 swine flu virus.
PASSENGERS and crews of ships have always feared outbreaks of contagious diseases that could sweep through vessels like wildfire, affecting everybody's safety and wellbeing.
com aggregates nearly 13,000 rich media presentations, including over 250,000 slides and almost 9,500 hours of analyzed audio on topics ranging from the treatment of contagious diseases and general health-related issues to robotics, business start-ups, sociology, ethics, financial advice, personal improvement and career advancement.
The purpose of this book is to make the science of epidemic diseases accessible and understandable; to guide the general reader through the maze of contagious diseases, their past importance, the means by which we came to understand them, and how they may affect our future.
We're OK with dealing with contagious diseases, but not in huge numbers,'' said Jim Lott, executive vice president of the Hospital Association of Southern California.
The Good Shepherd Sisters opened their fourth asylum in Cork in 1871 as a direct response to the introduction of the Contagious Diseases Acts.
00), covering various forms of child abuse from physical to emotional and neglect, and discussing both short- and long-term effects; and Karen Bellenir's Contagious Diseases Sourcebook (0780807367, $78.
He overhears the engineer and a local professor who has been sent to make sure the historic burying ground does not contain any contagious diseases.
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