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a print made by exposing a photosensitive surface to direct contact with a photographic negative

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He made the finest examples of this Heliographic process, as he called it, in 1826, when he contact-printed an engraving of Cardinal d'Amboise, dissolved the soluble bitumen, and put the plate in an acid bath.
Preferring the 8x10-view camera, these photographers contact-printed their large negatives on glossy paper, and also used filters and a variety of lenses to obtain their precise images.
For most of these, Saunders painted an image, based on an arresting stock photo of Nielsen, in oil and silver ink on a semitransparent Mylar sheet, and then contact-printed it onto photographic paper.
And the composite contact-printed painting (essentially a photomontage of drawings) carries the supremely dumb title I'm Real Busy and Stuff, 2001,