contact sport

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a sport that necessarily involves body contact between opposing players

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This is something that I have always had and I should never have been playing contact sports.
The RPA added: "The Premiership season is already longer than comparable contact sports, including Super League, NFL and AFL.
ONE of the country's fastest-growing contact sports is set to take centre stage on Tyneside.
We cannot allow the child or teenager to decide when he is fully recovered and able to resume full activity, including the contact sport.
The contact sport athletes experienced an average of 469 head impacts during the season.
It was hypothesized that contact sport athletes would demonstrate greater pain tolerance, and be able to tolerate painful stimulation for a longer period of time.
Contact sport and leisure development officer Stephen Mussett on 01642 496430 or head coach Dave Knights on 01642 481150.
Rugby, a fast-paced, aggressive contact sport, has a high incidence of injury.
All funds raised go towards developing the sporting talent of Newcastle and anybody interested in playing, and/or offering a raffle prize, should contact Sport Newcastle secretary Malcolm Dix on (0191) 267 6342, email dixysport5@aol.
I love that it's a contact sport, I like getting in there,'' she said.
In addition, she investigates baseball despite its problematic designation as a contact sport.
DUFFY DAUGHERTY, the late Michigan State coaching icon: "Football is not a contact sport.
For example, Kemler (1988) found levels of reactive aggression to be higher in contact sport athletes than in non-contact sport athletes, and Brown and Davies (1978) found a greater acceptance of violence among contact sport athletes than non-contact sport athletes.
Pre-conference workshops include the ACA Standards Course, Equestrian-Vaulting, Bob Ditter -- Camp is a Contact Sport, Food Protection Management, and NAA Level One Archery Instructor.