contact sport

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a sport that necessarily involves body contact between opposing players

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A total of 45 contact sport athletes and 55 non-contact sport athletes from one of the schools also took an additional set of tests of concentration, working memory and other skills.
35) The court relied on California's seminal case Knight v Jewett (36) in concluding that "in a full contact sport such as ice hockey or tackle football, a participant breaches a duty of care to a coparticipant only if the participant intentionally injures the coparticipant or engages in conduct 'totally outside the range of the ordinary activity involved in the sport.
Lawler (2002), a literary critic, explores why women play contact sport in her book Punch
In an arena of contemporary sports discourse that is often heated and vitriolic, it is something of a find to read through Professor Fields' history of the often contentious struggle of girls to find an appropriate place in the masculine-defined realm of contact sports.
Therefore, the aim of the present study was to examine differences in sexual aggression, hostility toward women, competitiveness and rape-supportive attitudes among contact sport athletes, non-contact sport athletes and non-sport athletes.
Sessions include: Camp is a Contact Sport -- Mastering difficult conversations and camper behavior management skills; and Prevention and Response to Tragic Deaths of Children -- Lessons learned for safety and security and the importance of building relationships and increasing supervised activities for all children in a violent world.
On December 31, 2009, the Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, reversed and remanded the decision of the Circuit Court of Du Page County, which found that the contact sports exception to ordinary negligence claims applied to a trainer of an amateur hockey team.
We want to introduce primary school children to a new bowls concept, which helps to develop those who do not like contact sport to get involved in a sporting activity.
Contact sport and leisure development officer Stephen Mussett on 01642 496430 or head coach Dave Knights on 01642 481150.
Obviously T Cullins has never played any kind of contact sport in their life.
Alternatively contact Sport Newcastle secretary Malcolm Dix direct on (07718) 448057 or (0191) 267-6342.
Football is a contact sport, so it is no surprise fullback David Buehler emerged with a black eye Wednesday.
Football is a contact sport, hardnosed perhaps, but not in a way that reflects brutality and violence.
Nothing is more important to the future of the professional game than the health, welfare and security of our players and the reconciliation of their best interests with the demands of a professional contact sport,'' he said.
With special sections on networking for women and minorities, insights into the usefulness (and handicaps) of social networking sites, how to get (and why you need) a wingman and profiles of other master networkers, Networking Is a Contact Sport is a practical and essential guide for anyone who wants to get ahead in today's economy.