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a print made by exposing a photosensitive surface to direct contact with a photographic negative

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Under the deal, Glossop Cartons will move from its present site in Padfield, Derbyshire to Contact Print and Packaging s facility in Stockport, Cheshire, by the end of the year.
For more information, please contact Print Audit at 1-877-41-AUDIT or visit http://www.
For further information, please contact Print, Mia Rehm, +1-310-244-8310, or Broadcast, Michelle Rasic, +1-310-244-8308, or Radio, Claire Heath, +1-310-244-4678, all of Columbia Pictures.
Small business owners are directed to contact Print Data on a priority basis.
The box had five sheets of contact prints - for a total of 45 photos with negatives - and a slip of paper that had "Gardner Island" written on it.
Very soon after this I acquired a Johnson developing and printing outfit consisting of a film tank and a contact-printing frame, with which I could produce contact prints from my negatives using 'gaslight paper', a very slow material that allowed one to print in a shaded corner of a room.
Photograms have been fascinating since Niepce, Bayard and Talbot created cool contact prints while testing their emulsions back in the 19th century.
The reproductions are made from 8X20-inch gelatin silver chloride contact prints, and are printed quadtone from laser-scanned 600-line screen negatives.
He made his prints without an enlarger, preferring contact prints using the full negative.
Providing project management focuses on the reuse of old storage area in aerial photographs buildings glass plate negatives or film and contact prints paperstorage building will be an area of ?
And it was a brilliant touch to also exhibit, on a worktable, six albums of photographic contact prints for the project.