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Synonyms for precaution



Synonyms for precaution

careful forethought to avoid harm or risk

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

Synonyms for precaution

a precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury etc.

the trait of practicing caution in advance

judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger

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Our finding that the transmission rate at the acutecare hospital was similar before and after discontinuation of contact precaution measures may be explained by high adherence to standard precautions (6), especially hand hygiene, for which compliance exceeded 90% (7), and the mainly short-term hospitalizations (<5 days).
The data coordinator flagged patients with positive cultures and distributed a weekly list of patients on contact precaution to all units.
Therefore, had this been a routine practice, these patients would have been placed on contact precaution measures, avoiding dissemination of carbapenemase producers in INC.
In addition to antimicrobial stewardship, the guidelines recommended education, hand hygiene, environmental decontamination, use of dedicated equipment, contact precaution, grouping of patients with known MRSA infection, and decolonization therapy in subpopulations under specific circumstances.
The surveillance program should state whether the results of the examinations should be available before contact precaution measures are implemented.
The infection preventionist, along with CDC and state and county health department personnel, provided training to staff members regarding standardized infection prevention practices, including hand hygiene, timely contact precaution implementation, and proper wound care practices.
auris-colonized or infected patients include 1) use of Standard Precautions and Contact Precautions, 2) housing the patient in a private room, 3) daily and terminal cleaning of a patient's room with a disinfectant active against Clostridium difficile spores (an update from previous disinfectant recommendations) (4), and 4) notification of receiving health care facilities when a patient with C.
Meanwhile, because the delayed diagnosis meant the patient--who had been treated across several wards --had potentially exposed multiple health care workers and patients to Sarcoptes scabiei, the hospital immediately instituted contact precautions and implemented its outbreak protocols: communication statements, prophylactic treatment of asymptomatic staff and close patients, and treatment and quarantine for those with clinical symptoms.
On the basis of the same evidence and assumptions, we are willing to wrap ourselves in plastic and confine patients to their hospital rooms--that is, to use contact precautions.
Droplet precautions should be added to the standard precautions when providing care to patients with symptoms of acute respiratory infections; contact precautions and eye protection should be added when caring for probable or confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection; airborne precautions should be applied when performing aerosol generating procedures.
The hand washing component of the study required participants to enter an isolation room using contact precautions and perform specific nursing duties for a simulated patient.
These recommendations are based on expert opinion and knowledge of the transmission mechanism, but there is limited evidence that contact precautions make a significant difference to transmission of MDROs, over and above good hand hygiene and adherence to basic infection control principles.
Effect of contact precautions on wait times from emergency room disposition to inpatient admission.
Sources say that these contact precautions (CPs) can be disruptive to the quality of patient care and use up valuable physician time and hospital resources (1).