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If I take more than 24 contact hours in one two year period--can I use them for the next renewal?
a) practical nurses must complete a minimum of 24 contact hours during the two-year renewal period;
Designed for clinical nurses at all levels of education (Associate Degree, BSN, MSN) this course earns participants 36 contact hours and runs from July 6 to Sept.
Provider Approval--organizations interested in receiving approval to award nursing contact hours for multiple educational activities provided to nurses within their organization or their target audience
This activity has been submitted to the Louisiana State Nurses Association for approval to award contact hours.
Completion of the course will result in 34 contact hours of continuing education.
The aim of the present study is to examine the effect of reducing face-to-face contact hours of beginners' level Japanese study at the University of Canberra.
Figures show total guided contact hours for Adult Community Learning (ACL) in Wales have dropped from 3.
Freedman, 38, was given permission to talk to Wanderers on Monday afternoon after a U-turn from Palace, who had initially refused to allow contact hours earlier.
0 contact hours from the Wisconsin Nurses Association for successful completion of this activity.
Each license will require one of the following five requirements listed in the board rules: verification of 520 hours of employment, 24 contact hours of continuing education, verification of current certification in a nursing specialty, completion of a board approved refresher course, or completion of at least 6 academic semester credit hours of nursing course work at the licensee's current level or higher.
Earn Even More Contact Hours With Satellite Symposia
Nurses can earn nursing contact hours by spending several hours at the computer, since many of the courses can be completed in a few hours.
Convention Adjournment Maximum Contact Hours to be Awarded: 9.
American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: As of 2003, 50% of your contact hours must be provided by an ANCC accredited or approved provider.