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Synonyms for consumptive

relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

Synonyms for consumptive

a person with pulmonary tuberculosis

tending to consume or use often wastefully

afflicted with or associated with pulmonary tuberculosis

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The efficiency indicate that only 35 percent of the total water released in to the canal is consumptively utilizes by crops in the heat reach area and rest 65 percent of cannal water is lost in different ways such as surface evaporation five percent, outflow 25 percnt and percolation loss as 35 percent.
I felt too unaccountably embarrassed and overwhelmed by the intimidating silence of senior colleagues--a consumptively begotten and inherited fear of being branded immodest and disrespectful has delayed my completion and publication of this rejoinder to Copans' assault on the epistemology of African Studies in 1999, at one of our 'first and best' "national universities .
Transfers of contractual entitlements are not constrained to the amount of water that has been consumptively used.
8 Million Water Supply Consumptively Used Acre Feet Ensure Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Compliance 10 Index Maintain Adequate Reserves Percent Variance to 6% Target Manage Budget Performance Budget Variance 95% to 102% Percentage Manage Maintenance Costs Maintenance Spending $18.
Another question to be addressed is whether the fossils recovered at human habitation sites were intrusively or consumptively deposited.