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Synonyms for consumptive

relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

Synonyms for consumptive

a person with pulmonary tuberculosis

tending to consume or use often wastefully

afflicted with or associated with pulmonary tuberculosis

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India also is not entitled to use principle of 'existing prior consumptive use' on this river too as Article 9 allows Nepal to withdraw water 'as may be required by them from time to time in the valley.
14) It also prohibits water management districts from reducing consumptive use permit allocations due to successful water conservation efforts during the term of the permit, which removes a longstanding "use it or lose it" disincentive for permittees, and it further allows water management districts to offer permit extensions as an incentive for extraordinary water conservation efforts.
Because current law mistreats childcare expenses as consumptive personal costs, Part IV urges lawmakers to reform the tax laws by properly treating working childcare expenses like other nonconsumptive costs of earning income.
The waste water can only be used for non- consumptive purposes like cleaning the floor or flushing the toilet,
Times were hard in those days and they were for Mr Hoyle, who played the part of a consumptive for the day.
Analytical interference in TSH or fT4 immunoassay, congenital hypothyroidism secondary to dyshormonogenesis, and consumptive hypothyroidism due to hemangioendothelioma are the possible causes for discrepant TSH and fT4 results in this patient.
We at the DED believe that it is necessary to pursue a consumptive culture from the consumer's point of view, which has, however, become complex.
Realize that the vegetative phase is all about energy production and storage, and the reproductive stage is energy consumptive.
She is married off to her consumptive cousin Camille (Tom Felton) and is introduced to his best mate, the smouldering and artistic Laurent (Oscar Isaac).
The gallant invalid of the nineteenth-century stage was a consumptive young man, hopelessly in love with a woman he could not possess and forced to steel his ailing body for a battle against forces that threatened his sense of honour and virtue.
The powerful and emotional La Boheme is the tragic tale of hopeless romance between the doomed, consumptive Mimi and penniless writer Rodolfo.
Peshawar -- Tribal Areas Electricity Supply Company (TESCO) has asked the FATA consumers to avoid use of Electric Heaters, Tandoors, Geysers and other high consumptive electric appliances during current winter season.
PJBF Chairman Sohail P Ahmed stated that Pakistan provides a huge consumptive power, which can be better utilized if all forums collectively approach the new government and appraise them of the impediments standing in the way of increased trade and investments into Pakistan.