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Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

perfect and complete in every respect


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A touch by the learner during a 3-s consummatory response period darkened the square and accumulated one point on the top right learner's counter, followed by a timeout.
References to 'woman' as matter were not intended to convey misogynistic sentiments: the inter-gender consummatory experience was perfectly suggestive, but limited from the standpoint of productive work required for a Just State or just person and a philosophic apprehension of truth.
Toward the end of "Classical and Romantic," Ransom provides a suggestive set of statements that further clarifies what would become the connective node between his aesthetics and those of Dewey, specifically the shared investment in a productive tension between object and subject as represented by fixed and contingent, instrumental and consummatory, male and female, classical and romantic perspectives.
The id is consummatory and the ego instrumental, but both are nonreflexive at the initial level.
Cherwitz and Zagacki (1986) tie this trend to the state of nuclear parity between the superpowers, which required that conflicts be resolved at the consummatory level.
Between the primary myth-making amplified voice and the consummatory editor stands the reporter.
Both the symphonies are here, the First in a patiently-constructed reading from a conductor (Sir Bernard Haitink with the Philharmonia Orchestra) used to taking the long view in great Wagnerian spans; here the opening movement has the clicking tension of a Walkure prelude, brass consummatory, in a reading less brittle than some more Gallic interpretations.
Orofacial movements constitute fundamental motor patterns with essential roles in consummatory behaviour, self-care, defensive and attack behaviours, vocalisation and, in higher mammals, verbal as well as non-verbal communication.
At the bottom center of the screen, one white circle was presented for consummatory responses.
This provides evidence for a role of oxytocin in neural circuits that integrate the activity of neural pathways controlling the consummatory aspects of sexual behavior (e.
Once action has been initiated, the interpretant moves toward consummatory behavior, that is, action that is completed by eating the pineapple.
Sexual behavior of female rats is characterized by both appetitive and consummatory components, named proceptivity and receptivity (Beach, 1976).
The hypothalamus, which controls consummatory behavior and basic drives related to food, water, sex, and temperature (Miller 1958), is a complex brain region with reciprocal connections to numerous structures, including the cortex, striatum, hippocampus, amygdala, cerebellum, and thalamus (Afifi and Bergman 1998).
Behavior systems are assumed to consist of a series of modules organized in a temporal spatial sequence, with general search behavior at one end of the continuum and focal search behavior and consummatory behaviors at the other end.
The voyeuristic, appropriative male gaze that is the hallmark of Price and Knight's "soft-porn aesthetics" (128) turns out on closer consideration to be surprisingly vulnerable: "The unwillingness to imagine possession, the move to voyeuristic rather than consummatory fantasies .