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Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

perfect and complete in every respect


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For his earlier criticism of the council's majority perspective of Christ the Consummator in favor of the symbol of Christ the Redeemer (also embraced by the council), see George Hunston Williams, The Mind of John Paul I1: Origins of His Thought and Action (New York: Seabury, 1981).
Thus, Christian theology has been woefully inadequate in understanding God's role as consummator, or as a God who promises to bring about the perfection of creation through the perfection of humanity.
Soulen's concerns about Christian theology's historically limited view about God's role as consummator was evident in a discussion that he and I had at the ICJS conference over lunch.
I am not persuaded to change my mind on this point, but a more careful reading of Soulen's book has allowed me to appreciate that his reading is meant to deflect the kind of Christian inattentiveness to the role of God as consummator in the rest of the Hebrew Bible.